Core Business


At the Offshore Desk we strive to provide the highest possible service to our clients through our diverse team of economists and seafarers, with worldwide experience. By being hands-on, on top of market information, inspecting vessels and enhancing our knowledge within the latest technology, we aim to integrate with, and understand the needs of our clients fully.

Our main segments


We focus on S&P, Long Term Charter, Newbuilding, Conversion projects and Vessel Valuations. We connect sellers and buyers, contractors, and yards, as well as financial institutions. We initiate discussions and negations from the first stage in every process. We guide new and existing clients based on our in-depth knowledge of the market as well as yearlong historical information from our database. We cover every aspect of the industry, including all Offshore Support, Renewables and Subsea vessels.

By working with the Offshore Desk, you will obtain among the highest services in the broking industry.

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